Why Ebanker

Ebanker.io belives that investing should be based on rigorous fundamental analysis in order to generate positive results and passive profits during the long term. Using our tested arbitrage bot and forex signals, we are able to give our investors up to 2.5% daily interest on bussines days.

Tether savings program

Unique savings program paying interest in USDT(Tether), supported by crypto and forex trading.Limited to 20 mil.

Safe & Secure

EBC is created to store value of money safely, conveniently and effectively in the long term for our investors.

Ebcex.io Exchange

Our exchange is built to support EBC. It will be exchange with 0% trading fees.Only withdrawal fees.

Sharing Revenue

Sharing revenue system that is giving back 50% of revenue made on the Exchange.

Referral System

Unique referral bounty program. Three level referral system, that pays up to 10% for direct referrals in ETH.

Experienced Team

Our team consists of experienced investment bankers and traders(crypto and forex markets) with over 72+ years combined experience.

Staking Program

Investors can stake EBC within the first mounth for 10% gains, then on the second for 8%, and after that on the third mounth 5%.


With our EBC Staking Program investors can earn the corresponding shares depending on when you staked.For the first two months it will be 10% !

Staking Rate
First and Second Month
10% /month
Third and Fourth Month
8% /month
After Fourth month
5% /month

ICO Crowdsale

Total coin supply: 100,000,000 EBC.All investors participating in ICO will receive 10% referral commission.

1st ICO

  • 10.000,000

2nd ICO

  • 10,000,000
/ Token

3rd ICO

  • 10,000,000
/ Token

4th ICO

  • 10,000,000
/ Token

5th ICO

  • 10,000,000
/ Token

EBC Coin sale

After successful presale round Ebanker (EBC) will be available to purchase in 1st ICO Round on 01 MAY 2018. The EBC coin has switched to SHA 256 instead of ERC20 and also changed total coin supply from 21,000,000 to 100,000,000 EBC


EBC Savings






How it all Started

June 2017
Idea of Ebanker project
August 2017
Arbitrage bot and lending platform beta tested
October 2017
Testing out the different trading strategies to optimize the daily return for our investors and us.
November 2017
Testing out the different trading strategies to optimize the daily return for our investors and us.
December 2017
Postponing the project because our indicators suggested that the market will fall and we came to the decision to move the project for March 2018, when we expect to market to rebound.
Feb 2018
We came up with a name for the whole project and that’s how EBanker (EBC) was created. Our Team saw that most lending platforms had issues and operated with money that they weren’t able to handle. That’s why we cap our lending with 20mil in the unique savings program. To insure the profit for our investors. Also we have created a unique staking system for those who miss the opportunity to get into the savings program right away.
March 2018
ICO for EBanker (EBC) starts, ERC20 – Ethereum based token generated with smart contract technology.
Web wallets created.
DDoS Attack Protection
Top affiliates reward system.
April 2018
ICO ends. Any unsold tokens will be burned.
System upgrade
Security improvement
Target price 3$
Savings platform created accepting up to 20mil in EBC equivalent. Daily payout in USDT, up to 2,5% on business days and 1.5% on weekends.
Internal exchange ETH/EBC created.
May 2018

EBC goes to external exchanges ( Cyptopia and Yobit

Desktop wallets Win and Mac

Target price 12$

June 2018

Ebcex.io launches with 10 most popular trading pairs and EBC/ETH, EBC/BTC, EBC/LTC, EBC/NEO.

Android and IOs native apps for more convenient usage of Ebanker on Mobile phones.

Target price 21$

July 2018

Ebcex.io adds 30 new popular pairs and starts to accept listings from new and popular uprising coins.

Savings platform to increase capacity by another 20mil to be 40mil in total.

Target price 29$

August 2018
EBC gets added to Btc-Alpha and coinexchange.io.
Staking program updated to 5% per month.
September 2018

Expand EBC Ecosystem

Atomic Swap

Payment Gateway Contract

Target price 45$

November 2018

First EBanker conference in Vietnam. Top affiliates will get paid for trips and accommodation for the duration of the event.

Target price 62$

December 2018
EBC savings program adds another 20mil to the operating trading capacity, the total amount is now equivalent to 60mil operating capital.
Ebcex.io adds 50 new pairs. Every month bonuses issued for top affiliates.
EBC Target price 84$
Jan 2019
EBanker hosts a New Year celebration in Paris for top 10 affiliates.
Meet up conference in London 01.10.2019
EBC Target price 128$

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Savings AmountProfitCapital ReleaseEarly Withdrawal Penalty
$100 - $1,000

Interest from forex and arbitrage bot

(Up to 52% Month)
In 240 days5%
$1,010 - $5,000

Interest from forex and arbitrage bot +0.1% daily

(Up to 52% per Month)
In 210 days7%
$5,010 - $10,000

Interest from forex and arbitrage bot +0.2% daily

(Up to 52% per Month)
In 180 days8%
$10,010 - $25,000

Interest from forex and arbitrage bot +0.3% daily

(Up to 52% per Month)
In 90 days10%
$25,010 - $50,000

Interest from forex and arbitrage bot +0.35% daily

(Up to 52% per Month)
In 60 days12%

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