Q: Can I buy EBanker using altcoins such as XRP, BCH, LTC or with BTC...?

A: For the moment, you can buy EBC using ETH only. We'll will support other altcoins shortly. Please follow our social media to get the latest updates about this.

Q: How do I make a ETH deposit to my EBanker account to buy EBC?

A: Once you log in your Davor account, go to the Bitcoin Wallet section and click on the Deposit button. Copy the BTC address or scan the QR code from your personal BTC wallet, enter the amount you want to deposit and submit. Please do NOT send any other currency to the BTC address, otherwise you could lose your funds.

Q: How long does it take to deposit ETH to my EBanker account?

A: If the ETH network is in a healthy state, I would take less than 1 hour to see your deposit in your ETH balance. Sometimes it would take much longer. In any case, we don't control the delay because it comes from your personal wallet.

Q: What is the staking pool?

A: The staking pool is where you can stake your E to receive new coins, twice a day. Another option to stake EBC is to install the desktop wallet, put your EBC in it and leave the wallet open. In either way, you will receive 10% new EBC per month for the first 2 months.

Q: I have 2FA enabled and lost/broke my phone. How can I regain access to my EBanker account?

A: Don't worry. Please contact our support team at support@ebanker.io and we will walk you through the manual verification process. Once the process is successfully done, we will disable the 2FA for your account and you can log in again. Please remember to re-enable the 2FA as soon as you can to protect your account.

Q: Can I withdraw my ETH?

A: We never have - and never will - prevent users from withdrawing their funds. Moreover, our tech team works hard to speed up the withdrawal process. Normally, it would take less than 1 hour to see your funds back to your wallet.

When will the crowdsale take place? What is the softcap and hardcap?

  • Crowdsale will start on March 26th, 2018 and will end on May 16, 2018 or whenever the hard cap is reached.
  • Softcap will be 3000 ETH.
  • Token Creation has a hard cap: upon achieving this cap, token creation will stop and no further contributions will be accepted. The hard cap amount 9000 ETH.

This is a visionaries’ token — for the long-term. The longer you can hold, the greater potential value distribution you will get

Can everyone participate in the ICO?

Although the EBanker ICO event will be open to the general public, individuals are to ensure they are eligible to participate in this in accordance to the legal jurisdiction they reside under.

What will happen with Dorado tokens if they are not sold?

Tokens that are not sold during the Crowdsale will be burned automatically by the smart contract.

How much will the token cost during the ICO?

1 EBC = 0.0005$ For the first round then 0.0006 $, 0.0007 $, 0.0008 $ and 0.0009 $ depending on the round

When will the Ebanker tokens be listed on exchanges?

We are in negotiations with Yobit and Cryptopia and we will list on Ebcex.io on day 1 of its launch.

I’m a US resident, can I participate?

No, United States of America citizens cannot participate in the sale of due to local regulations.
You can participate in EBC tokensale if you are not a US citizen or don’t reside permanently in the United States, or you don’t have a permanent residence in countries such as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and other territories under the United States Control.
Our EBC tooken will be tradeable after the sale. Interested US participants could buy it on the secondary market.

How does the referral system work?

Ebanker has a 3- level referral system that pays affiliates directly in Ethereum using smart contract technology. For first level referrals it will be 10% then for second level 6% and for third level 4%.
Also every one you refer to Ebanker becomes your downline in Ebcex.io and you get up to 50% of fees we collect when users withdraw. Keep in mind Ebcex will not have trading fees.